Skid-Mounted Gallery (16' x 8')

New Skid Car Design
16' x 8'
Heavy Duty Skids Large D rings for hauling

Entrances on one side
Stairs fold up for transport
Entrances with removable
railings installed
Railings in position
for transport

  Stair feet fully
 Plumbing and electrical
on back for easy access
External A/C Condenser
Fully Climate Controlled 

 Interior mechanical room
houses components securely
Mechanical Room
Mechanical Room

 Mechanical Room
Grundfos pump
Mechanical Room
Hot Water Heater
 Men's washroom
3 toilets sink & mirror

Woman's washroom
1 toilet, sink & mirror
Woman's sink & mirror    Men's sink & mirror

 Men's side has 3
stalls with toilets
Full heating, lighting
& ventilation - Men's side  
Full heating, lighting &
ventilation - women's side

Carbon monoxide detectors   All doors are lockable